10 Tips for Cleaning Your Shower

You’ve been working all day in the yard and you are sweaty and dirty. But the biggest problem is that your shower is grimier than you are. It is important that you keep your shower as clean as possible. Here are easy tips to follow:

1. Rinse first

The first step that you need to take is to get rid of that excess grime by rinsing your tiles. This should be easy if you have a handheld showerhead. Just make sure to use the highest pressure setting. Otherwise, use a bucket and a sponge. It is important that you start from the top so that you can easily wash away the dirt.

2. Wash your shower curtain

Place your shower curtain and old towels in a washing machine. Towels will help to scrub any grime and mildew. Putting the shower curtain in the tumble dryer will damage it; therefore, avoid doing it. Instead, hang the curtain outside to dry naturally.

3. Clean it naturally

If the shower head is positioned over a bathtub, get a grapefruit. Use the fruit with a quarter cup of salt to clean that bath.

4. Prevent mildew

Soak your freshly cleaned shower curtain in salt water to prevent the growth of mildew. You can also do this with new shower curtains.

5. Clean your shower doors

Spray trusty WD-40 on your shower door and leave it for about 20 minutes. Wipe it off with a towel to give it a shiny appearance.

6. Submerge your shower head in a bag filled with vinegar

Fill a bag with vinegar and submerge the shower head in it. Use an elastic bad to secure the bag around the neck of the shower head. Leave it to rest the whole night.

7. Buy a squeegee

A squeegee can help you to remove excess water from the door of your shower. The glass will also be free of smudges.

8. Make your fittings shine

Use lemon to give your chrome fittings a sparkle. Cut the lemon in half and rub it on the fittings. When you are done, rinse with cold water.

9. Shake your shower curtain after taking a shower

This is very important in ensuring that you get rid of excess water. The shower curtain will dry very quickly and eliminate the moisture buildup.

10. Steam

Use steam to loosen grime and dirt from inside your shower before you start cleaning. Simply let the shower run for a few minutes at the highest temperature before you start, and you will be giving yourself a nice little head start on the task at hand.