How to Shower Properly – A Few Tips

While it is true that soap and water are all you need to get the job done, if you know how to shower properly, you will come out with shining hair and glowing skin every time. It all just depends on how you do it. And it’s not complicated either. In fact, you can get the striking look by simply following a few grooming rules.

Get the water to the right temperature

Use warm water as it is best for the shower to be as comfortable as possible without drying your skin. Very hot water will strip your skin of natural oils, and is not recommended.

Brush your hair before washing it

If you are going to wash your hair, make sure that brush it beforehand so that you don’t tangle it further when it gets wet. Use plastic vent brushes because they have multiple bristles. Work through any tangles, and brush it out again gently after the shower.

Shampoo your hair thoroughly

Distribute the shampoo evenly on your head. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and spread it in all over. Scrub for 30-60 seconds and rinse thoroughly. If you have a hard time measuring 30-60 seconds, try singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself 3 times in a row. That should equal to roughly 45 seconds. Also, make sure to spend a considerable about of that time massaging your scalp as well . Dirty hair usually oils at the root and focusing on the scalp will ensure that you have clean hair.

Condition quickly

Don’t leave the conditioner on for a length of time. In fact, your hair needs only needs a few seconds with the conditioner unless it’s a deep conditioning mask. Lather your hair up, then quickly wash it out.

Cleanse your body well

If you find breakouts on your back, then that could be the leftover conditioner. So, make sure that you cleanse your body after washing your hair. Avoid tradition soaps which can dry and irritate your skin. Get a non-soap hydrating cleanser and use your hand to work out all the key areas.

Shave well

If you have to shave, ensure that it is one of your last steps. On days that you also need to do some exfoliation, make sure that you scrub before shaving to release any ingrown hairs. And always use a sharp razor, but as always, please be careful.

Wash your face

Don’t forget to wash your face. First, wash your face with warm water to open the pores so that the product can penetrate and fight dirt. Then the next step is rinsing your face with cold water to close the pores. This is important because open pores will open a channel through which bacteria will enter.

Apply lotion immediate

Apply lotion to your body when you are still damp. This is important in locking the moisture into your skin. With your body just out of the shower, it makes the right canvas for a thick moisturizer.