I’ve had a few people inquire as to the difference (besides the obvious) between metal and plastic shower heads. So I decided to shed some light on this debate. Hopefully you will find yourself better informed and able to make a purchasing decision that is right for you!

Let’s start with the cost. Metal shower heads are clearly going to be more expensive. As any manufacturer knows, metal costs more than plastic. Many people know the difference between metal and plastic and immediately assume that a metal shower must be the better option. However, the debate is much more complex then that.

To start, metal shower heads tend to offer limited water spray functions. This is because a plastic shower head during manufacturing is much easier to mold to produce all of the different shower functions you might come to enjoy. This would require a much more lengthy process with a metal shower head, hence the limited features you will usually come to find with a metal shower head. Based on features and water functions, plastic shower heads tend to be superior.

The longevity between metal and plastic shower heads is also up for debate. While metal tends to be much more reliable over plastic with everyday products, some users have reported having more issues with metal shower heads due to the corrosion that can develop. From personal experience, I have had to replace metal shower heads much sooner than plastic shower heads. Other users have reported this to not be the case though, and it may ultimately depend on your local level of water quality. It’s still something to take a close look at though, and also all the more reason to pay a close attention to reviews of a particular shower head.

Finally, there is the style and look of metal versus plastic shower heads. Most people would say that the metal shower heads look more durable/professional, and is therefore a better option for making your shower look nice and stylish. It’s hard to argue otherwise, but I think it is worth noting that many plastic shower heads look very similar to their metal counterparts. In fact, my plastic shower head looks close enough to metal that an outside observer probably would not tell the difference unless they held it in their hands. Don’t necessarily assume that you are giving up style just by going with a plastic shower head.

In conclusion, there are clearly many pro’s and con’s to metal and plastic shower heads. In all honesty, ever since I had my last metal shower head several years ago, I have switched to plastic and haven’t gone back. The added functionality and more affordable price make it more than worth it. Still, every person is different.