Out Of the Box Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

The best bathroom remodeling ideas aren’t just about saving a few bucks, but rather starting off your day right. The bathroom is one of the most special rooms in the house since they are areas where homeowners spend a significant amount of money and time renovating.

When thinking about bathroom upgrade ideas, you need to consider the return on investment and usefulness. Do you want to make a complete upgrade or start smaller? Before you go nuts installing rain shower heads and saunas, check out these out of the box bathroom upgrade ideas:

Get a new sink

Face washing, hand washing, teeth brushing-your sink takes a lot. The first step for getting the most for your buck is to get a new modern sink. Just determine whether your sink is an under-mount or overmount. It can be difficult to remove an undermount unless it is under a Formica top. If the bathroom sink is attached to the surface, then the top also has to go, which increases the cost. One dramatic and easy sink upgrade is separating cold and hot faucets with a single-handle faucet.

Go for timeless tile

In general, bathroom remodeling ideas should appeal to a wide range of people and increase the value of your home. Although natural stone is good, you should neutral styles. Expensive stones is a taste-specific and can give your bathroom a busy look that’s a turnoff in spite the expense. In fact, one of the main problems that homeowners face is the cost of redoing the “bad choices” of other people. This also can’t be stressed enough if you plan to sell your home someday.

Upgrade your lighting

You can never underestimate the importance of lighting and lighting fixtures. Don’t use dated light fixtures. You can buy a basic but nice light fixture for no more than $100. Lighting sets the mood, and this can raise your mood just as much as an expensive new shower.

Get a double vanity

The last thing you want is to battle with your partner in the morning over who uses the sink first. Getting a double vanity is a worthy investment when remodeling your bathroom. In fact, a common complain for many people in passing on buying a specific house is that the bathroom only has one sink in the master bedroom. The double vanity will pay you back both in you and your partners sanity, and in the pocketbook someday if you choose to sell.

Swap in new fixtures

Old materials can date your shower instantly. Purchase drawer pullers, towel bars, and new bathroom door handles for a remodel that is inexpensive, quick and easy.

Install a water-saving toilet

Aside from updating the look of your bathroom, replacing your toilet can save you some money. Old toilers use six gallons of water for every flush, but a water-saving toilet can use less water.