Why Every Bathroom Should Also Have a Body Scale – Benefits to Your Health

The number of obesity cases is increasing at an alarming rate these days that it has become important for people to keep a constant watch on their weight. People who don’t have a weight scale in their bathroom usually don’t bother to check their weight which can be detrimental to their health. So, make sure that you have a weighing scale in your bathroom to weigh yourself before taking your bath.

Let’s take a closer look at the bathroom scale. These devices help people check whether they were successful in shading off those extra pounds from a daily workout. The main reason why they are known as bathroom scales is that the bathroom is the logical place to weigh privately (without clothes). So, they are placed in the bathroom.

Many people today prefer digital scales over mechanical ones because of reduction of spring errors. When you step on the scale, the weight is registered and displayed on small screen. These scales can also explain to you the results of your measurements based on your body mass index (BMI). You only need to input your details like age and weight for the scale to determine whether you are overweight or underweight or if your weight is right for you. Once the bathroom scale has stored your personal details, it will automatically calculate your BMI.

Here are a few reasons why you need a bathroom scale:

Accurate measurement

Bathroom body scales provide exact measurements of your weight. Unlike mechanical scales which are subject to springs errors, digital scales are more accurate.

Capacity increase

Modern digital bathroom scales can measure higher weights when compared to old mechanical scales. Some scales can support only 330 pounds whereas others can accommodate up to 550 pounds. A 330-pound scale-capacity should be enough for an average person, but if your family needs a bathroom scale that can measure higher weights, don’t hesitate to choose a scale with greater ability. It is important that you choose scale that fits your needs.

Digital Reporting

Today’s digital scales are often designed with bluetooth connectivity. So, if you want to track your body weight over a certain period of time straight through your phone, getting a bathroom scale can be a fantastic solution for you.


With so many benefits, it is no wonder that bathroom scales are outperforming their mechanical counterparts by far in terms of popularity today. Although the price of digital bathroom scale is higher, it goes without saying that they are certainly more than worth it.