I recently had a discussion with a buddy of mine about this blog. While he was rather supportive of my eccentric interests and hobbies I was surprised to hear that he did not give his shower head a second thought. In fact, he said he never saw much use to replacing his shower head. However, there are many reasons one should consider upgrading their shower head.

First, we should consider just how much time is spent in the shower. 15 minutes a day does not sound like much. But when you calculate that number, it adds up to a total of 190 days spent in the shower for a 50-year old. By your 90’s, you’ve spent a whole year of your life in the shower! Now that’s quite a stunning fact. It would only make sense that the potential year of your life in the shower should be a pleasant one.

It’s also time to bust another common misconception. No, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a really nice shower/shower head. In fact, you can find a nice hotel-quality shower head for under $50. The present shower head that I use (and also my favorite) I bought for just $25.

Finally, shower heads are super easy to install. I actually saw a discussion online about shower heads and someone had commented that they always thought it was too difficult to replace their shower head. Quite the opposite! Most are easy enough to install that a child could do so. And while they usually come with instructions, it’s usually as simple as unscrewing the old shower head and screwing in the new one. The biggest hassle of it all is that you might get a little wet in the process. Just make sure you take your socks off before stepping in the shower. 🙂

I hope you have discovered some of the benefits of having a nicer shower head. Please feel free to look around my blog. Perhaps you’ll become obsessed as me someday. 😉