Why You May Need a Water Softener for Your Shower Head

Water softeners designed for shower heads are usually smaller than those that are set up for a whole house, and they also cost less. They are easier to install and maintain than whole-house models. Even if you have a purification or water filtration system for your home, it is still important to use a water softener. Although filtration systems remove a lot of additives and chemicals from your water, they don’t take minerals from your water. These minerals cause build-up in your shower head and plumbing system. Here are a few reasons why you should buy a water softener for your shower head:

You could get a younger look

Chlorine used to treat water, together with other minerals in the water can have a negative impact on your skin. This can lead to premature aging of your skin, something that you certainly don’t want. The minerals can also dry out your hair and skin. By using a water softener on your showerhead, you can have a healthy looking skin, thus boosting your confidence

Saves you money

When your skin looks young and your hair is healthy, you don’t need to buy expensive beauty products. You will be able to save the money that you could have used to buy all the products to make you look younger. You only need to buy a water softener for your shower head.

Showers heads are not 100% clean

There are many micro-organisms and bacteria in an average shower head. These microscopic creatures come out when you turn on your shower. However, when you use a water softener, the mineral deposits, which play host bacteria and other micro-organisms will be absorbed.

Improves the performance of your shower head

People who don’t use water softeners will experience a decrease in flow rate in a very short time due to mineral deposits from the hard water. Soft water shower heads will maintain their consistent stream and flow over time. This also means that using a water softener will increase the longevity of your shower head.

Keeps The Tub Cleaner

If you have hard water, you will know how often it can stain your tub. And these stains are not easy to clean! It can also stain your cups, humidifier, bathroom sinks, and more. A water softener is a great way to save on unnecessary cleaning down the road.