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Upgrading the little things that you deal with every day can make life a lot more enjoyable. Showerhead extensions are one of those things.

Maybe your shower head extension arm needs an upgrade. Perhaps it’s inaccessible, too low, or too close to the wall. Don’t worry; choosing the right add-on will make your showers more enjoyable.

Best Shower Head Extension Arms of 2022

Instead of doing the shower dance–contorting your body to make the water hit every spot–you can place your shower head in the very middle of the shower and make it easy to maneuver around the water flow.

A wonderful way to bring your shower head out beyond the normal “close to the wall” installations, a shower head extension allows you to enjoy the full flow of your shower head without hugging the wall.

Instead of craning your neck to fit underneath a shower head that sits around your shoulders, you can have the normal experience of the water coming down to your head at a 45-degree angle. Once you install an extension, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

how do i adjust the angle and height of a shower head extension

How Do I Adjust The Angle And Height Of A Shower Head Extension?

Learn how to adjust the angle and height of your shower head extension for a personalized and blissful shower experience. Find out the necessary tools, step-by-step instructions, and alternative methods for customization. Ensure proper water flow and seal, and maintain the position of your shower head extension for optimal performance. Discover how to make showers more comfortable, accessible, and tailored to your needs in this informative guide.
can a shower head extension work with low water pressure

Can A Shower Head Extension Work With Low Water Pressure?

Looking to improve your shower experience? Discover if a shower head extension can work with low water pressure in this informative article.
can shower head extensions reduce my water bills

Can Shower Head Extensions Reduce My Water Bills?

Discover how shower head extensions can reduce your water bills. Save water without sacrificing your shower experience. Read more to find out!
do shower head extensions conserve water

Do Shower Head Extensions Conserve Water?

Discover if shower head extensions truly conserve water. Learn how they work, their benefits, and factors affecting water conservation. Real-life user experiences and research studies support their effectiveness. Choose the right shower head extensions for maximum water-saving potential. Save water, save money, and contribute to environmental sustainability.
what flow rate should i look for in a shower head extension

What Flow Rate Should I Look For In A Shower Head Extension?

Discover the perfect flow rate for a shower head extension in our informational post. Find the balance between water efficiency and a satisfying shower.
how can i increase water pressure with a shower head extension

How Can I Increase Water Pressure With A Shower Head Extension?

Learn how to increase water pressure in your shower with a shower head extension. Find the right one, adjust angles, and ensure proper installation.
why is water pressure important for a shower head extension

Why Is Water Pressure Important For A Shower Head Extension?

Discover why water pressure is vital for a shower head extension. Get a satisfying and invigorating shower experience with optimal water flow.
can shower head extensions cause leaks how do i prevent leaks

Can Shower Head Extensions Cause Leaks? How Do I Prevent Leaks?

Discover if shower head extensions can cause leaks and learn practical tips to prevent them. Ensure a leak-free showering experience with this informative post.
how often should i inspect or replace a shower head extension

How Often Should I Inspect Or Replace A Shower Head Extension?

Discover how often you should inspect or replace your shower head extension. Learn about key factors affecting frequency and best practices for maintenance!
how do i ensure a water tight connection with a shower head extension

How Do I Ensure A Water Tight Connection With A Shower Head Extension?

Struggling with a water tight connection for your shower head extension? Read our article for practical tips and tricks to keep your bathroom dry and enjoyable.
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